3: Dale Earnhardt Story - Howard Parker
8 Mile - Rafael Ferrer
21 - Howard Parker
25th Hour - Rafael Ferrer
Affair of the Necklace - Rafael Ferrer
Akeelah And The Bee - Howard Parker
Alamo, The - Tony Rodgers
Alpha Dog - Justin Peed
Amelia - Howard Parker
American Violet - Rafael Ferrer
A Mighty Heart - Tony Rodgers
Annapolis - John Garry
Another Year - Rino Romano
Answer Man, The - Howard Parker
Any Given Sunday - John Garry
Assassination of Jesse James - Howard Parker
ATL - Rick Wasserman
Atonement - Howard Parker
Auto Focus - Matt Wright
Aviator - Howard Parker
Awake - Howard Parker
Babel - Tony Rodgers
Ballad of Jack & Rose - Tony Rodgers
Baby Boy - John Garry
Basic - Justin Peed
Beach, The - Rafael Ferrer
Becoming Jane - Howard Parker
Before Sunset - Tony Rodgers
Bella - Rafael Ferrer
Beyond Borders - Justin Peed
Big Fish - Tony Rodgers
Birth - Justin Peed
Birthday Girl - Howard Parker
Black Hawk Down - Justin Peed
Black Snake Moan - Tony Rodgers
Black Swan - Rafael Ferrer
Blood Done Sign My Name - Rodd Houston
Blue Crush - Rafael Ferrer
Bobby - Howard Parker
Boiler Room - Rafael Ferrer
Boy In The Striped Pajamas - Howard Parker
Boys Are Back, The - Tony Rodgers
Breach - Howard Parker
Brideshead Revisited - Tony Rodgers
Brokeback Mountain - Tony Rodgers
Broken Bridges - Rafael Ferrer
Broken Flowers - Tony Rodgers
Cadillac Records - John Garry
Camille - Jason Willinger
Capote - Harlan Rector
Capote - Tony Rodgers
Cassandra's Dream - Howard Parker
Cassandra's Dream - Tony Rodgers
Cellular - Matt Wright
Charlie St. Cloud - Rino Romano
Charlie Wilson's War - Howard Parker
Charlie Wilson's War - Tony Rodgers
Che - Rino Romano
Chicago - Howard Parker
Christmas Tale - Henry Strozier
City By The Sea - Michael McColl
City of God - Howard Parker
City of Men - Howard Parker
Closer - Justin Peed
Closer - Tony Rodgers
Coach Carter - Justin Peed
Cold Mountain - Rafael Ferrer
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Howard Parker
Confidence - Justin Peed
Confidence - Matt Wrigt
Cooler, The - Rick Wasserman
Count of Monte Cristo - Tony Rodgers
Crazy Heart - Howard Parker
Creation - Tony Rodgers
Crossover - John Garry
Crossover - Rafael Ferrer
Dan In Real Life - Tony Rodgers
Dan In Real Life - Matt Wright
Dark Blue - John Garry
The Davinci Code - Howard Parker
Dear Anne - Howard Parker
Dear Frankie - Tony Rodgers
Dear John - Zac Fine
Death Sentence - Howard Parker
Deception - John Garry
Deja Vu - Corey Burton
DeLovely - Tony Rodgers
Departed, The - Howard Parker
Diving Bell and the Butterfly - Tony Rodgers
Dogville - Howard Parker
Domino - Matt Wright
Don't Say A Word - Howard Parker
Door In The Floor, The - Tony Rodgers
Dreamgirls - John Garry
Drumline - Michael McColl
Duchess, The - Howard Parker
El Cantante - Rafael Ferrer
Elizabethtown - Tony Rodgers
Emperor's New Clothes - Howard Parker
End of the Affair, The - John Garry
End Of The Spear - Howard Parker
Evelyn - Howard Parker
Evening - Tony Rodgers
Everybody's Fine - Tony Rodgers
Express - Matt Wright
Extraordinary Measures - Tony Rodgers
Fame - Rino Romano
Far From Heaven - Michael McColl
Feel The Noise - Justin Peed
Finding Neverland - Howard Parker
Finding Neverland - Justin Peed
First Snow - Jason Willinger
Flawless - Matt Wright
For Love Of The Game - Matt Wright
Four Brothers - Rafael Ferrer
Frida - Howard Parker
Friday Night Lights - Matt Wright
From Hell - Howard Parker
Frost/Nixon - Howard Parker
Get Rich or Die Tryin - John Garry
Ghost, The - Jason Willinger
Glory Road - Rick Wasserman
Goal! The Dream Begins - Tony Rodgers
Gods and Generals - Howard Parker
Good Thief, The - Rick Wasserman
Gosford Park - Tony Rodgers
Gosford Park - Michael McColl
Gospel, The - Rodd Houston
Gracie - Tony Rodgers
Great Debaters - Howard Parker
Great Debaters - Tony Rodgers
Greatest Game Ever Played - Howard Parker
Green Street Hooligans - Dan Goettel
Green Street Hooligans - Justin Peed
Gridiron Gang - Rick Wasserman
Guardian, The - Howard Parker
Happening, The - John Garry
Happy Tears - Rino Romano
Harry Brown - Tony Rodgers
High Crimes - Howard Parker
Hoax, The - Matt Wright
Hollywoodland - Howard Parker
Home At The End Of... - Tony Rodgers
Hotel Rwanda - Howard Parker
Hours, The - Howard Parker
House of D - Tony Rodgers
Human Stain, The - Howard Parker
Hunting Party, The - Howard Parker
Hustle And Flow - Rick Wasserman
I Am Sam - Michael McColl
Igby Goes Down - Michael McColl
Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - Henry Strozier
I'm Not Scared - Howard Parker
Informers, The - Jason Willinger
In Her Shoes - Tony Rodgers
Interpreter, The - Howard Parker
In The Cut - Michael McColl
In The Land of Women - Matt Wright
Into The Wild - Tony Rodgers
Invictus - Howard Parker
Invincible - Tony Rodgers
Invisible, The - Howard Parker
Iris - Howard Parker
Italian for Beginners - Howard Parker
It Runs In The Family - Howard Parker
Kingdom Of Heaven - Howard Parker
Kinsey - Tony Rodgers
Ladder 49 - Howard Parker
Ladder 49 - Tony Rodgers
Ladder 49 - Matt Wright
Lantana - Michael McColl
Last Castle - Michael McColl
Last King of Scotland - Howard Parker
Last Kiss, The - Tony Rodgers
Legendary - Kevin Conway
Life of David Gale, The - Justin Peed
Life Is Hot In Cracktown - Justin Peed
Lila Says - Howard Parker
Longshots, The - John Garry
Longshots, The - Howard Parker
Lord Of The Rings - Tony Rodgers
Love And Basketball - Michael McColl
Love In The Time Of Cholera - Tony Rodgers
Lovely & Amazing - Howard Parker
Lucky Ones, The - Kim Strauss
Machinist, The - Justin Peed
Madison - Tony Rodgers
Malcolm X - Rick Wasserman
Manchurian Candidate,The - Howard Parker
Man From Elysian Fields - Michael McColl
Margot At The Wedding - Tony Rodgers
Martian Child - Tony Rodgers
Master and Commander - Howard Parker
Match Point - Tony Rodgers
Memoirs of a Geisha - Howard Parker
Merry Gentleman, The - Zac Fine
Messenger, The - Rafael Ferrer
Mindhunters - Howard Parker
Miracle - Tony Rodgers
Miss Potter - Howard Parker
Mona Lisa Smile - Tony Rodgers
Monster - Rafael Ferrer
Moonlight Mile - Tony Rodgers
Moulin Rouge - Rafael Ferrer
Moulin Rouge - Howard Parker
Mullholand Drive - Matt Wright
Munich - Howard Parker
My One And Only - Tony Rodgers
Mystic River - Michael McColl
Nativity Story, The - Tony Rodgers
Night Listener - Tony Rodgers
Nine - Tony Rodgers/a>
No Country For Old Men - John Garry
No Country For Old Men - Kim Strauss
Notebook, The - Tony Rodgers
Notorious - Rodd Houston
Notorious - Rick Wasserman
Order, The - Howard Parker
Others, The - Howard Parker
Perfect Game, The - Howard Parker
Perfect Game, The - Harlan Rector
Phone Booth - Howard Parker
Pieces Of April - Michael McColl
Powder Blue - Rafael Ferrer
Precious - Tony Rodgers
Prestige, The - Howard Parker
Pride & Prejudice - Howard Parker
Private Lives of Pippa Lee - Kim Strauss
Proof - Howard Parker
Proof - Tony Rodgers
Pursuit Of Happyness, The - Tony Rodgers
Queen, The - Howard Parker
Radio - Tony Rodgers
Ray - Justin Peed
Ray - Rick Wasserman
Ray - Matt Wright
Reader, The - Howard Parker
Reader, The - Tony Rodgers
Recruit, The - Howard Parker
Red Dragon - Matt Wright
Red Riding - Rino Romano
Reign Over Me - Tony Rodgers
Remember Me - Tony Rodgers
Rendition - Kim Strauss
Resurrecting The Champ - Rafael Ferrer
Revolutionary Road - Tony Rodgers
Righteous Kill - John Garry
Road, The - Howard Parker
Rookie, The - Tony Rodgers
Runaways - Jason Willinger
Running With Scissors - Rafael Ferrer
Salton Sea - Rafael Ferrer
Seabuscuit - Matt Wright
Secondhand Lions - Tony Rodgers
Secret Life of Bees - John Garry
September Dawn - Howard Parker
Serpent, The - Jason Willinger
Seven Pounds - Howard Parker
Shall We Dance? - Howard Parker
Shall We Dance - Tony Rodgers
Shattered Glass - Justin Peed
Shopgirl - Matt Wrigt
Shottas - Rick Wasserman
Shrink - Matt Wright
Signs - Tony Rodgers
Sleuth - Jason Willinger
Slow Burn - John Garry
Slumdog Millionaire - Tony Rodgers
Solaris - Howard Parker
Soloist, The - Rafael Ferrer
State of Play - Howard Parker
Station Agent - Tony Rodgers
Stone Angel - Howard Parker
Street Kings - Howard Parker
Summer of Sam - John Garry
Sunshine - Howard Parker
Swimming Upstream - Howard Parker
Sylvia - Tony Rodgers
Take The Lead - Rick Wasserman
Taking Lives - Howard Parker
Talk To Me - Rick Wasserman
Terminal,The - Howard Parker
There Will Be Blood - Howard Parker
There Will Be Blood - Tony Rodgers
Things We Lost In The Fire - Tony Rodgers
Time Traveler's Wife - Howard Parker
Towelhead - Tony Rodgers
Traitor - John Garry
Transsiberian - Howard Parker
Tristan & Isolde - Tony Rodgers
Twilight Eclipse - John Garry
Two Towers - Tony Rodgers
Under The Tuscan Sun - Tony Rodgers
Under the Tuscan Sun - Matt Wright
Unfaithful - Rafael Ferrer
Unknown - Howard Parker
Up In The Air - Mason Pettit
Upside of Anger - Tony Rodgers
Valkyrie - Howard Parker
Vanity Fair - Tony Rodgers
Vera Drake - Matt Wright
Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Howard Parker
Vicky Cristina Barcelona - Rino Romano
W. - John Garry
Waist Deep - Rick Wasserman
Walk On Water - Zac Fine
Walk The Line - Howard Parker
Walk The Line - Tony Rodgers
We Are Marshall - Rafael Ferrer
We Were Soldiers - Tony Rodgers
Whip It - Rino Romano
Wonderland - Justin Peed
Wrestler, The - Rafael Ferrer
Wrestler, The - Matt Wright
You Got Served - Michael McColl
Young Black Stallion - Tony Rodgers
Young Victoria - Howard Parker