Independent Films

500 Days of Summer - Howard Parker
Adam - Matt Wright
American Violet - Rafael Ferrer
Aura, The - Jason Willinger
A Home At The End Of... - Tony Rodgers
A Mighty Heart - Tony Rodgers
Babel - Tony Rodgers
Ballad of Jack & Rose - Tony Rodgers
Barney's Version - Rick Wasserman
Before Sunset - Tony Rodgers
Bella - Rafael Ferrer
Blood And Chocolate - Howard Parker
Blood Done Sign My Name - Rodd Houston
Blow Dry - Howard Parker
Bowling For Columbine - Michael McColl
Boy In The Striped Pajamas - Howard Parker
Calender Girls - Tony Rodgers
Che - Rino Romano
Chicago 10 - Matt Wright
City of God - Howard Parker
City of Men - Howard Parker
Coffee and Cigarettes - Zac Fine
Conversations With God - Howard Parker
Cove - Justin Peed
Cronicas - Howard Parker
Darjeeling Limited - Zac Fine
Dear Anne - Howard Parker
Dear Frankie - Tony Rodgers
Dogville - Howard Parker
Dust Factory, The - Howard Parker
Edukators, The - Zac Fine
End Of The Spear - Howard Parker
Everything Is Illuminated - Matt Wright
Factory Girl - Howard Parker
Fahrenheit 911 - Tony Rodgers
Fido - Corey Burton
Finding Neverland - Howard Parker
Frida - Howard Parker
Goal! The Dream Begins - Tony Rodgers
Gomorrah - Howard Parker
Green Street Hooligans - Dan Goettel
Grind House - Corey Burton
Grizzly Man - Howard Parker
Hamlet 2 - John Garry
Happy Tears - Rino Romano
Hard Candy - Howard Parker
Heart Of Gold - Tony Rodgers
Hebrew Hammer - Rick Wasserman
Hero - Howard Parker
Hills Have Eyes, The - Howard Parker
Hot Fuzz - Howard Parker
Imagine Me & You - Howard Parker
Immigration Tango - Rino Romano
I'm Not Scared - Howard Parker
Incident At Loch Ness - Howard Parker
Infernal Affairs - Howard Parker
Informers, The - Jason Willinger
It's A Wonderful Afterlife - Tony Rodgers
Jesus Is Magic - Zac Fine
Joshua - Rick Wasserman
Juno - Tony Rodgers
Juno - Mason Pettit
Just Buried - John Garry
Kid Stays In The Picture - Michael McColl
Last King of Scotland - Howard Parker
Last Sin Eater - Howard Parker
Life Is Hot In Cracktown - Justin Peed
Lila Says - Howard Parker
Lords Of Dogtown - Dan Goettel
Love Me If You Dare - Tony Rodgers
Mad Hot Ballroom - Matt Wright
Merry Gentleman, The - Zac Fine
Milwaukee, Minnesotta - Rick Wasserman
Mrs. Henderson Presents - Howard Parker
Murderball - Howard Parker
Myth, The - Rick Wasserman
Notes On A Scandal - Rick Wasserman
Once - Mason Pettit
Once In A Lifetime - Rick Wasserman
Paper Clips - Howard Parker
Paper Heart - Rino Romano
Persepolis - Matt Wright
Precious - Tony Rodgers
Pride & Prejudice - Howard Parker
The Promise - Tony Rodgers
Protector - Howard Parker
Queen, The - Howard Parker
Quiet - Dan Goettel
Real Cancun - Michael McColl
Repo - Corey Burton
Rize - Rafael Ferrer
Rocker, The - Matt Wright
Roving Mars - Tony Rodgers
Saint John of Las Vegas - Tony Rodgers
Sea Inside - Matt Wright
Secuestro Express - Howard Parker
September Dawn - Howard Parker
September Issue, The - Rick Wasserman
Shaolin Soccer - Howard Parker
Shottas - Rick Wasserman
Shut Up & Sing - Tony Rodgers
Sicko - Tony Rodgers
Sideways - Howard Parker
Slumdog Millionaire - Tony Rodgers
Station Agent - Tony Rodgers
Sylvia - Tony Rodgers
Talk To Me - Rick Wasserman
Thank You For Smoking - Harlan Rector
Towelhead - Tony Rodgers
TransAmerica - Howard Parker
Trust The Man - Rick Wasserman
Tsotsi - Matt Wright
Tyson - Kim Strauss
Ultimate X - Matt Wright
Undiscovered - Tony Rodgers
Vera Drake - Matt Wright
Vince Vaughn's Wild West - Howard Parker
Visitor, The - Tony Rodgers
Watching The Detectives - Zac Fine
Waitress - Tony Rodgers
Warrior, The - Rafael Ferrer
Water - Howard Parker
Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? - John Garry
Wordplay - Dan Goettel
Year of the Dog - Tony Rodgers
Year of the Yao - Michael McColl
Yes Men, The - Zac Fine
Young At Heart - Tony Rodgers